There are six highly equipped laboratories to provide practical experience to students by simulating real life situations which enhance teaching learning process.

Nursing Arts Lab – With state of the art models and equipments (ie CPR Training Mannequin, Practi- Man Half Body CPR, Human Dummy etc).
Nutrition Lab – All equipments, kitchen utensils and ancillaries (ie Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Water Cooler with Water Purifier, OTG, Dining Table etc) are available.
Biochemistry Lab – Well equipped with Hot air oven and microscope available.
Computer Lab – 15 computers with Internet facility and Online UPS connection.
Maternity and Child Health Lab – Well equipped with latest technology Mannequin (ie Advance Delivery and Maternal and Neonatal Emergency Mannequin, Labour Delivery Simulator, New Born Mannequin, Pediatric Resuscitation Mannequin etc).
Community Health Nursing Lab – Community Health Bags with necessary articles, Models, Charts and latest Audio Visual Aids for Teaching learning activities in the Community Health Area.